Saturday, July 21, 2012

Good Day Sunshine

Today me and my boys went on a little bike ride.  You may recall that my hubs bought me a new bike here in lovely Lima.  Today we tested our skills and took in some sights, sounds and smells of the city.  The sun was shining (rare for the City of Gray) and the "winter" weather felt great.
SMILE!  D took this shot.

D got a new camera from one of his new Clifton uncles so we took it with us and tried to capture a few Kodak moments.  We left the house and weaved our way through the six blocks or so to get to the ocean where a bike path spans several miles of coast along the edge of the city.  We stopped at a small panateria for some breakfast (D had a big, puffed up piece of bread with zero nutritional value and I had a ham & cheese empañada.  I have discovered that I really love a good empañada.  The "ham" at this location turned out to be hot dog pieces.  But whatever.)  We filled our bellies and headed out.

One stop along the way was the BMX track.  Bryan represented the family's Peruvian patriotism.

The ocean view behind us is pretty much what we saw the entire time.  It is beautiful! 
Behind Davis, on that pier off the beach, is the restaurant La Rosa Nautica.  Which is where Bryan asked me to marry him.

We ventured out of San Isidro (the district where we live) and into Miraflores and then into Barranco.  All in all, we rode about 7 miles.  A perfect Saturday morning ride.
We liked this street sign.

Lima isn't notoriously a bike-friendly city.  But they got this right.  It was a really good day.  
We will definitely be doing this again.


  1. When Davis made the picture it was more about the bike than who ws on it...Boys! Gotta love em. Geat post in pictures.

  2. I remember I moved to Chile right in the middle of winter - must have been August. It was very grey there too - all the time....for first 20 days there was no sun. Then the sun came out for 10 minutes one day -I cried tears of joy. Then it went back behind the clouds and I cried sad tears. I didn't see it again for another 7 days. Depression set in hard within the first 30 days of moving to another country. The sun. That is what I missed the most and - man that sucked.