Tuesday, July 17, 2012

First day of work at Heifer Peru

Primero dias!

They are taking it easy on me with the Spanish rule, but I know that their sympathy and patience is probably temporary - as it should be.  My supervisor speaks very good English so she is helping me when I don't understand.  But I will learn!  I am learning!  Look out!

I made it to work successfully on Monday and then I made it home successfully too.  Both are significant.  Getting to and from places is a big deal to me.  Now, Day 2 of work and after having arrived two days in a row, on time, without getting lost?  I feel like a pro.  I have to walk about 12 minutes between the bus stop and my house and work and I enjoy it.

Work is good.  The people are fantastic and the culture in this office is very groovy, but focused on Heifer's mission.  All activities are directed towards the projects and the people Heifer strives to serve.  This is refreshing.

When I arrived at work on Monday, I was greeted by these. Thank you Heifer Peru! 

Then, when I arrived at home on Monday night, I was greeted by this.  Thank you husband!

How cool is this bike?!?!

Now, we can all ride around as a family.  And eventually I want to ride to work.  Someone told me that I should name my bike.  Their suggestion was "Queen Bee"....which is somewhat fitting considering my personality.  I welcome other suggestions.
So now my days will be filled with the tireless pursuit of ending hunger and poverty and caring for the earth, one Heifer Peru project at a time.  Attempting this at this level is very different from where I used to sit in the organization.  And I realize just how much I have to learn.  I look forward to some new perspective.

On another note, Davis was interviewed yesterday at the school he will be attending.  They asked him lots of questions without Bryan or me present.  And they welcomed him back!  So, later this week he will attend a full day of school there as an "orientation" experience.  All day!  Stay tuned for how THAT goes.  I'm sure he will rock and roll, like he always does.